European Union: Statement by the Spokesperson on the ongoing protests in Sudan

Statement by the Spokesperson on the ongoing protests in Sudan

Bruxelles, 11/01/2019 – 12:35, UNIQUE ID: 190111_7

Statements by the Spokesperson

The response by the government of Sudan to the continuing protests in various parts of the country such as the use of force by security forces against civilians – including the use of live ammunition – has led to further casualties over the last few days. Furthermore, teargas has been reportedly used against medical personnel and patients in Omdurman hospital.

Sudanese authorities are expected to ensure the right for freedom of assembly, association and expression, in accordance with international laws. All sides should exercise restraint and abstain from any further violence in order to de-escalate the situation.

We expect the Sudanese government to release all journalists, members of the opposition, human rights defenders and other protesters arbitrarily detained and to conduct a thorough investigation into recent deaths and abuses. In this context, the investigation committee announced by the Government should ensure accountability and will be closely monitored.

The implementation of much-needed political and economic reforms remains crucial to address grievances expressed by the population of Sudan.

The actions of the government of Sudan in this respect will have an impact on our bilateral phased engagement.

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