Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) – An Important statement

An Important statement to the People of Sudan

Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA)

People of Sudan

We greet and salute the people of Sudan who offered the lesson after another through their commitment to demonstrating peacefully to restore their rights. Using of violence and killing by the regime to silence the voices of freedom accelerated, in fact, the rise of popular demands and unified all people behind them. These demands culminated now to one broad slogan: the immediate departure of the regime .
With the killings of citizens who took to the streets demanding bread, freedom, and dignity we have a moral responsibility to transcend our own personal and sectoral demands. Either we stand for ourselves, the martyrs, the injured and their families by removing the regime and bringing perpetrators to justice, or be defeated once and for all.

Our professional colleagues:

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) affirms that it is from and for the people of Sudan, and declares its commitment to the broad popular choices and slogans that have been voiced by all and across Sudan. People have affirmed their only option: freedom, peace, justice, and revolution as the choice of people.
Therefore, we call upon all our fellows in the various professional and labor sectors, and the Sudanese people, in general, to continue their daily peaceful demonstrations on the streets and squares across the country until victory, which we will achieve together through our unity and joint action.

Masses of professionals and workers:

At the SPA, we declare the escalation of our collective steps in support of the demands of the Sudanese people through new arrangements (to be announced today) for the march decided already. We affirm that the march will take place as planned on Tuesday 25th December. We also announce a series of strikes in the professional sectors starting from Monday, December 24, 2018. We aim at paralyzing government bureaucracy and blocking the resources it uses to suppress and kill the Sudanese people. We will start this series by an open doctors’ strike on cold cases in all states of Sudan, with continued and increased coverage of emergency departments, presence in the public squares through voluntary emergency teams that have started working through the two organizations of doctors which are affiliated to the SPA in order to address the emergency tasks abandoned totally by the state at this moment.

SPA Media Sekretariat
23 December 2018

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