Wad Medani (Sudan)

Wad-Madani Sudan

Lying on the west bank of the Blue Nile River, and capital to the Al Jazirah State, Wad Medani is another of Sudan’s local trade centers and is also the main cotton-growing region. Its main trade products include wheat, barely, peanuts and livestock. The former Turko-Egyptian outpost is also headquarters of the Irrigation Service. Wed Medani also has lively commercial and agricultural activities. Visitors enjoy its commercial centers and “souqs”. Souq is what they call their market areas, which have retail stalls that sell different kinds of things, including native Sudanese souvenirs. The town’s central market areas are Al Daraga, Al Gism, Al Awal and Wad Azrag.

The good news for visitors is that Wed Medani’s facilities are a lot more modernized than the rest of Sudan, almost exactly like that in Khartoum, the country’s capital. Another thing that the tourists would enjoy in Wad Medani are the boat rides on the Blue Nile. There are boats for those who want to get a better view of the giant river. Across the river, there are many beaches, which is why a lot of the Sudanese citizens have their honeymoon in Wad Medani. With an easy going atmosphere, good food, and exquisite restaurants, it’s no surprise why even the natives love touring this city. The hotels are also great and the prices depend on the varying seasons. All kinds of local transportation are readily available and since the place is fairly urbane, getting around is not really a problem.

Lubna Elawad says:

March 2, 2011 at 10:26 am

Since this listing may be viewed by thousands of people I would like to mention some mistakes and a couple of things to the attractions of the city.
The main market in Wadmedani is Alsouq Alkabeer and Alawgaf then Alsoug Almarkazi then Alsouq Alsageer but Aldaraja is just a niebourhood market.
the main nieghbourhoods in wadmedani are Aldaraja, Algism Alawal(misspelled above), Banat,Wad Azrag, Alzamalik, Almunira,Alwaha,…
Some attractions like amuzement parks there are mainly 4: Misk Alkhitam in Nile Street, Aljazeera park in Aldaraja, Alfaransawi land near Hantoub Bridge, Alkasih Resort in Sinar street. Also there is a couple of icecream shops on Alzamalik street.

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