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Mr Aristide Nononsi, UN expert on the situation of human rights in Sudan

Dear Mr Aristide

We would like to flag up and raise our concerns regarding the serious violations of the human rights towards  political detainees in Sudan  They are at great risk and we fear for their life and safety .We have listed below a few examples of these violations but it is by no means inclusive as many others are undisclosed.   Dr Mudawi’s Adam Ibrahim a renowned human rights advocate and a respectable University professor has been under the custody of the NISS since 7th December2016 He was held incommunicado until the family visited him in January in Kober Prison. He looked exhausted and fatigued. As a means of pressuring the authorities to make a decision on his case ,Dr Mudawi’s initiated a hunger strike on 22nd January 2017.This has resulted in a deterioration in his health. With great deal persuasion from the family he broke the fasting while efforts were made to either release him or subject to public trial. All efforts had failed therefore Dr. Mudawi’s resumed the hunger strike which is still on going till today. Family, friends, colleagues, students, lawyers and human rights organizations all over the world are making every possible effort to save Fr Mudawi’s life. Lately he was seen by a doctor who diagnosed him with low blood pressure. The security services have filed a charge of attempted suicide against Dr. Mudawi.

Newspapers on Saturday 12th February 2017 reported that Dr. Mudawi is charged with spying for a foreign country Dr. Mudawi is known for his work in Darfur area for advocating and reporting human rights violations. He has received several awards for his work We are very concerned about Dr Mudawi’s health, the fact that he has not had a public trial and does not have access to legal advice.

There are also eyewitness reports that he was tortured .Freed detainees report that they saw Dr Mudawi with his hands and legs tied and being flogged by a hose pipe. We urge you to exert pressure to guarantee Dr Mudawi’s safety. Dr Mudawi has spent all his life to promote human rights ,dignity and peace. He deserves to be treated with respect.

Mr. Adam El-Sheikh was arrested on the 7th of December 2016 with Dr. MudWi Adam Ibrahim from the University of Khartoum. Mr El-Sheikh is the driver of Dr. Mudawi’s family. He is a father of six young children. He was doing his everyday job when he was arrested. He is being detained in Kober prison and has not had access to either his family or legal counseling.

His wife has been trying to get permission for a visit so far she has been denied this basic right. We call for his immediate release or a release or a public trial. We have failed to understand the reason behind his detention.

Nora Obaid Osman is an accountant who works in Dr. Mudawi’s Engineering company. She has been under the NISS custody since 12th of December 2016 without access to her family or legal advice. Only lately the families were informed about her whereabouts. After being denied the right of a visit five times, they eventually were able to see Nora three times. The visits were always in the presence of a security officer therefore Nora was not able to say much. In the last visit the family noticed that Nora was in a dire state ; the family describe that she was shaken and crying hysterically ,But due to the presence of the security officer Nora did not disclose the cause of her distress. We are specifically worried about Nora ‘s health. As it was brought to our attention that recently had undergone jaw surgery more than once because of a suspicion of a malignant mass. We are awaiting the medical report to have a full understanding of her medical condition. We believe that she has no access to her medication neither has she had any medical follow-up whilst in detention. Nora is the main bread winner of the family.( ten siblings and their children)The other members have limited income.

They have lost a vital source of financial support because of Nora’s detention. The family lives in a rented property and we believe that friends and relatives have been helping in paying the rent. This is injustice at its worst a young female who could possibly be suffering from a sinister disease, been held in arbitrary detention for more than a month not just without trial but without basic medical care. A whole family whose life has been disrupted with worry for their sister and with lack of financial support in a country like Sudan where the government does not provide the necessary minimum services. We urge you to exert pressure on the authorities in Sudan to free Nora as her life is in serious danger.

Tasneem Ahmed Taha  who is lawyer and human right defender was arrested from her office in Al-Fashir by the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) on the 26th of December 2016. She was transferred to Khartoum immediately where she remains in detention at unknown location.   A few weeks ago she was brought to Omdurman Women’s Prison to meet her father and brother, however members of the NISS were present throughout the brief meeting and she was not allowed any privacy.  Tasneem is a known activist in Darfur .Her work involves monitoring human rights abuses and providing legal advice to members of the community free of charge.

Darfur Detainees

We have growing concerns over the undisclosed numbers of Darfur activists in NISS’s detentions as we have been receiving alarming reports about the severe torture they are subjected to.  Unfortunately, we have no accurate details of their numbers or names. A Freed detainee reported that more than 350 Darfuriactivists are still in detention in Cooper and Dabak prisons without charges while exposed to severe daily physical and psychological torture . Our informant reported that one of the detainees has been vomiting and urinating blood. The  living condition inside the detentions is appalling with more than 40 detainees sharing less than 17 floor mattresses .We are concerned about the serious violation of human rights by NISS especially the wellbeing of the detainees. We demand that the Darfuris, and all other detained without charge, immediately  released or have access to legal advices and fair trials.

Recorded statement from another Sudanese detainee after his release:

Sudanese Activists @ Nashatcafe “be z voice and report all human rights violations in Sudan”


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