FireChat is a free messaging app for public and private communications that works even without Internet access or cellular data. Built with MeshKit.

Here is how FireChat works
FireChat has reached the top 10 among social networking apps in 124 countries. Communities around the world use it to overcome communication challenges. Here are some of the notable examples:
• Natural disasters including floods in Kashmir (April 2015) and Chennai (October 2015), the eruption of volcano Cotopaxi in Ecuador (August 2015), and hurricane Patricia in Mexico (October 2015).
• Massive events: pro-democracy protests in Taiwan (April 2014), Hong Kong (September 2014), the Bersih anti-corruption movement in Malaysia (August 2015), and the visit of the Pope in the Philippines (January 2015).
• Historical elections in Venezuela (December 2015) and the Republic of the Congo (March 2016).
• Large festivals in India, Canada and the US, including Burning Man,

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