Psychotec Soziale Projekte

Psychotec social projects

We working hardly to develop an E-Learning platform to give our community and visitors the opportunity to share and improve their skills. We are sure that there are some people need to get some ideas and some practice about the new technology and new general knowledge.

This E-Learning is a social project that we want to share with our community. Yes of course we would take any ideas and support to develop this platform for the social need. We are aware that the work experiences are very important for many people who have no work experiences yet. So we are looking forward to any input and any work experiences from professional people.

New Sudanese Photography Project
Picture talk a silent talk and not everybody listen to. We try to collect and present the old and new Sudanese photography from Sudan.

We need every support special from the Sudanese Photographers and the professional staff in the foreign countries from different fields. If everybody of us sharing a little form his/her hard gained knowledge with the new generation may be Sudan will be emancipated from such corrupted people in the future! We stand for a better Sudan, would YOU be also one of us?

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